Line-us the robotic arm (as seen in MYO)

Line-us the robotic arm (as seen in MYO)

Presenting Line-us… we were very privileged to have Durrell Bishop and Robert Poll, the brains behind this really exciting new invention, join us at our launch.  Line-us is a small internet-connected robot drawing arm.  It mimics your motion with a pen and recreates whatever you draw on screen.

People, young and old got the chance to have a go and the reaction was fantastic.  It was such a lot of fun, whether you can draw or not, you are able to produce a very nice artwork on a postcard that you could take home!

Lin - us drawing

drawing on a postcard with Line us  

This technology is still in development, in fact the team used Kickstarter funding to produce their first thousand machines. They were bowled over by the response they got and far exceeded their target in record time.  So head over to their site to find out a bit more and keep up with the developments, it looks set to be a really hot product very soon!

And just so you know Line us drew all our portraits in Volume one of MYO magazine, so have a look at it’s handywork!

6 June 2017