Make yourself a mask!

Make yourself a mask!

Also at the launch of MYO another popular activity was mask making!  We brought along the basic cardboard base cut with eyes and a nose and let the people loose on them…the results were fantastic!

The great thing about this activity is that they offer the freedom to be as elaborate or simple as you like and therefore suit all levels of artistic ability and all ages.

It was great to see the fun people were having cutting out, gluing, sticking and colouring in.  There were such a variety of styles and approaches reflecting each and every person’s own unique personality!

mask making in the process

This is a really fun thing to try at home, it encourages us to dream up an imaginary persona as well as getting us to try different combinations of materials, colours and textures to create a masterpiece!  The possibilities are endless! It would make  a great kids (or adults) party idea.  You can buy our MYOmask kits on our online shop here.

MYO mask

MYO Mask Kit- ideal for any age group…. what will you make?


21 June 2017