Cherry Almond Alternative Christmas Cake

Cherry Almond Alternative Christmas Cake

Cherry Almond Alternative Christmas Cake

MYO Volume 2 is now available and features more projects, interviews and recipes than ever before! Just in time for Christmas, here’s a little taster.

Amy Burnand’s Cherry Almond Christmas Cake is an easy alternative to a traditional fruit cake and much speedier to make – it takes less than two hours from make to bake to yummy in your tummy.

Let us know if you have a go – we’d love to see your makes! Share your bakes tagging @myocreate on Instagram and Twitter, post to our Facebook page, or email to [email protected].

For the cake

200g glacé cherries

200g self-raising flour

1tsp baking powder

150g unsalted butter – soft

150g golden caster sugar

100g marzipan (plus more for under icing)

2 large eggs

Finely grated zest of half an orange

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp grated nutmeg

50g ground almonds

For the icing

Ready-made fondant icing

Apricot jam



Preheat oven 160c, fan 140c, gas 3

1/ Grease and line a 15cm cake tin.

2/ Roughly chop glacé cherries, leaving behind as much syrup as possible, and dust in a little flour.

3/ Cube marzipan into 1cm pieces. Add to cherries.

4/ Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Gradually add beaten eggs.

5/ Add orange zest. Fold in flour, baking powder and spices. Add ground almonds and the cherries and marzipan and combine well. Can add a drop of milk if too stiff.

6/ Spoon mixture into cake tin and level off.

7/ Bake for an hour until golden and risen.

8/ Leave in tin to cool.

9/ Allow to cool completely on wire rack before icing.

10/ On an icing sugar-dusted surface roll out marzipan and fondant icing to about 3-4 mm each (or to your liking). Use the cake tin as a template to cut both.

11/ If cake is very domed level it off by cutting across top with a bread knife, turning cake as you cut.

12/ Warm the apricot jam or glaze to thin it and make it easier to spread. Brush onto the cake and lay the marzipan on top. Brush the marzipan with more glaze and then lay on the fondant icing.

13/ Decorate.

Discover all the projects, recipes and interviews packed into the pages of the new volume of MYO here.

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19 December 2017

MYO fuzzy felt

How much fun can you have with some scraps and shapes cut out of felt?

This much!  The sky is the limit.  Great fun for all ages and a nice group or individual activity.  Create a house, a garden, a forest, a monster, use your imagination and make these felt pieces come alive!

Everyone one loves fuzzy felt!

On sale in our MYO shop here

MYO felt pack

Fuzzy felt


27 June 2017

The Amazing Art Cart

We were over the moon to have The Amazing Art Cart join us at our MYO launch.  Those who managed to visit Dawn’s magical cart got the chance to make a their own badge.  The cart was brimming with crafty supplies all ready for a badge-making extravaganza. People of all ages were busy designing, making, sticking, colouring in.   At the end of the day, the fantastic results were evident with lots of people proudly wearing their creations!

Totay we are making badges

Making personalised badges

the amazing art cart


The Amazing Art cart - badge making

Workshops in full swing

Dawn’s background in graphic design is all too evident in the attention to detail shown in her work. Having two children herself she sees the benefits and pleasure that can be gained through encouraging creativity whether it is in the classroom or outside in a field.  We love this ethos and think that the whole idea of the Amazing Art Cart is just fabulous.  You can read her story here. Thank you so much for joining us Dawn.

21 June 2017

Make yourself a mask!

Also at the launch of MYO another popular activity was mask making!  We brought along the basic cardboard base cut with eyes and a nose and let the people loose on them…the results were fantastic!

The great thing about this activity is that they offer the freedom to be as elaborate or simple as you like and therefore suit all levels of artistic ability and all ages.

It was great to see the fun people were having cutting out, gluing, sticking and colouring in.  There were such a variety of styles and approaches reflecting each and every person’s own unique personality!

mask making in the process

This is a really fun thing to try at home, it encourages us to dream up an imaginary persona as well as getting us to try different combinations of materials, colours and textures to create a masterpiece!  The possibilities are endless! It would make  a great kids (or adults) party idea.  You can buy our MYOmask kits on our online shop here.

MYO mask

MYO Mask Kit- ideal for any age group…. what will you make?


21 June 2017

    Line-us the robotic arm (as seen in MYO)

    Presenting Line-us… we were very privileged to have Durrell Bishop and Robert Poll, the brains behind this really exciting new invention, join us at our launch.  Line-us is a small internet-connected robot drawing arm.  It mimics your motion with a pen and recreates whatever you draw on screen.

    People, young and old got the chance to have a go and the reaction was fantastic.  It was such a lot of fun, whether you can draw or not, you are able to produce a very nice artwork on a postcard that you could take home!

    Lin - us drawing

    drawing on a postcard with Line us  

    This technology is still in development, in fact the team used Kickstarter funding to produce their first thousand machines. They were bowled over by the response they got and far exceeded their target in record time.  So head over to their site to find out a bit more and keep up with the developments, it looks set to be a really hot product very soon!

    And just so you know Line us drew all our portraits in Volume one of MYO magazine, so have a look at it’s handywork!

    6 June 2017

    Winner of our launch event pic!

    myo launch winner pic

    And the winner is @infant_art_club! I love this one, it’s both #colourful and #odd two of my favourite things!! You’ll get a discount code for £100 Donna Wilson gift vouchers! Congratulations!

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences and pics of our #myocreate launch event.

    6 June 2017

    The MYO Launch

    What an amazing day! On Saturday we had the official launch party for MYO. It took a lot of organising, we pulled out all the stops and it not disappoint! Slovenian puppeteers the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre put on a fabulous show the Goose and the Bear, a really beautiful story acted out by woollen creatures that I designed with them last year. 

        People arriving for the first showing of ‘The Goose and the Bear”

    The stage all set up ready to go… Donna Wilson cushions to sit on.

    The Goose and the Bear

    The show brought each character to life in such an enchanting way, children and adults alike enjoyed this captivating performance!

    We were delighted to have a full house of children and families who all had a great time watching the show.

    Over the next week or so I will tell you more about the day and share more pics of the amazing workshops. We were so pleased to have so much creativity going on!  Huge thank you to our sponsors Hey! Yum, Noodoll, Pip Organic, Rebel Kitchen. A very special thanks to Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, BKD, The Amazing Art Cart, Rosy Nicholas, Line Us, Protein Studios, Gareth Hacker and the Donna Wilson / MYO team for all your hard work and making this spectacular event such a wonderful afternoon.

    Photo credit: Gareth Hacker.

    29 May 2017

    It’s nearly here! The MYO launch event is tomorrow!

    We are so excited about what is happening tomorrow.  We have been very busy preparing for what looks to be a fantastic launch party of MYO. Tickets are sold out, so it will be a full house to see the Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana/ Ljubljana Puppet Theatre coming to make their UK debut of Goose The Bear. We will also have lots of other fun activities and workshops to take part in and of course there will be plenty of opportunities to subscribe to MYO  and get your hands on your very own copy!


    26 May 2017

      And the winner of the MYO challenge is….

      All the #MYOchallenge pics have been so good! We couldn’t decide on one winner so we decided to offer three prizes!

      So first prize is @elininia! You all seemed to love her detailed micro crochet skills. Congratulations! You’ll receive our MYO creative goodie bag with some Donna Wilson products and some crafty gems from Present and Correct.

      The second winner is @made_by_helga who made the amazing vegetable marble run using cucumbers, celery and green peas.

      A post shared by Helga Stentzel (@made_by_helga) on

       Check out her account for more amazing creations.

      And the third winner is @mikodesign who made the most beautiful breakfast scenes for her little girl. You’ll receive a consolation goodie bag of prizes for all your hard work.

      Thank you to everyone for taking part our competition and please do keep the #myochallenge coming just for fun it’s great seeing what you can do. I’m so impressed to see creative people from all over the world! I hope it’s inspired you to get creative. We have making kits available from here to get your started.

      25 May 2017

      MYO Volume 1 is shipped!

      Last week the studio was buzzing with activity while we shipped out our first copies of MYO Volume 1.  If you have got yours, please let us know what you think!

      I managed to take some time out to have a tea and a chat with Zetteler. Read all about MYO and some other projects I have in the pipeline in my interview. Here’s the link.

      25 May 2017