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Volume 2
Autumn / Winter

  • Creativity Q&A

    Creativity Q&A

    People from all walks of life talk to us about what creativity means to them.

    Rosy Nicholas, Professor Roger Kneebone, Jonathan Casella, Karen Nicol, Nilesh Patel, Fred Butler and the Studiomama Designers



  • Projects


    Fun projects with instructions for you to try.

    Charlotte Love / Ginger Glasses Holder, Amy Walters / Shapes Wall Hanging, Fred Butler / Headpiece, Jana Polak / Crochet a Radish, Leanne Watt / Making Wreaths, Sabine Timm / Spot the Difference, Lora Heady / Make a Pompom Skirt, Rosy Nicholas / Pipe Cleaner Wreath, Rose Sharp Jones / Macrame

  • Inspiration


    Get outside and collect nature’s treasures, make an animation or get creative with your food. Lots of ideas to get you started.

    Annick Collins / Sunprints with Nature, Donna Wilson / Summer to Autumn Animation, Erica Harberts / Pretty Breakfasts

  • Food


    Recipes and food ideas for friends and family, children or adults.

    Amy Burnand / Cherry & Almond Alternative Christmas Cake, Jessy Lea Money / Beardy Biscuits, Flourless Chocolate Cake / Kim Midson