Who or What is MYO?

MYO has changed. It’s now evolved into a bi-annual Make Your Own kit subscription.

 MYO began life as a unique twice-yearly printed publication. Its aim was to celebrate and inspire creativity in all its forms – music, play, cooking, or just day-to-day life.

MYO stands for Make Your Own.  Each edition featured step-by step projects from leading designers in their field’s, cooking experiences and recipes from all around the world, and interviews with scientists, surgeons, artists and lawyers – and asked the question ‘what does creativity mean to you’?

paper fish myo project  

Creativity to me is a way of life, a way we think about things and problem solve and evolve, I’m lucky to have made a career out of my creativity which gives me a huge amount of pleasure, so now I want to do my bit to make the world a more creative place and here it is MYO!

Since starting MYO I’ve realised that there are so many like-minded people who are doing incredible things and I wanted to show people a little bit of what’s possible with a pinch of magical inspiration and ideas.

Donna Wilson

MYO Magazine
Creative direction Donna Wilson
Graphic design and concept Marcia Mihotich
Photography by Gareth Hacker / Amelia Pemberton
Editor Jenny Jacoby